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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on September 08, 2002 at 23:15:13:

In Reply to: Key of E posted by Ryan on September 06, 2002 at 09:01:12:

: Can somebody help. I just bought a key of E harp to add to my collection. I have never had this key before so I don't know if this is normal. On holes 6-10 when I barely blow I get this sound that sounds like air is escaping, but I know that it isn't. Do I just have to blow hard on those holes? On my other keys (c,d,& a) I don't have this problem. It is a hohner "Big River". Thank you.

Hey Ryan,
In my honest opinion, I suspect that you might have a defective instrument. If you still have the sales reciept, I would suggest taking it back and getting it exchanged or your money refunded.
If you can't, then perhaps you can repair it yourself.
Another alternative is to send it to Hohner and accept what options they're willing to give (or sell).
I admit that I'm not familiar with the Big River harmonica. Among my harmonicas, is one Hohner Hot Metal harmonica (not a top of the line instrument), which happens to be in the Key of E. The only flaw on it is a weak response when blowing the high E through hole #10.
Wishing you success in your endeavors,

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