anybody want to jam?!?!?!?

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Posted by Bob Reynolds on October 15, 2002 at 19:55:31:

I live in Tucson Arizona , have been a guitar picker since 1979 , can play bass , keyboards , and am learning harp . I am NOT an elitist snob , am open to suggestion , can accept constructive criticism , have onstage band experience , and would like to find like minded individuals to form a band with , or just to jam with. I like blues and classic rock , '80's music and can learn . I've got a lap steel that I like to play , and am open to suggestion . If you've got some jam time , we ought toget together and make some music . Last year , I used to jam with a rreally cool harpist , but he and his "'ol lady" "split town" , and I don't have a "jam buddy" . I used to live in Globe and play/sing in the bars , and would like to try it again here . I ain't the greatest , but , I LOVE music.If you want someone to bounce ideas off of , email me at :

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