Up to date BLUES compilation cd

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Posted by Mark on September 07, 2002 at 05:06:03:

Does anyone know of a good blues Harp cd featuring a number of players from say 1980 on.

It gets a bit depressing when a good part of the blues CDís about with a collection of players have been bits and pieces of the blues greats from pre 1960 when the recording quality was so poor. Iím not running the players of that time down in any way but rather the available equipment of the time and changes in music preferences as time has past.

I have a couple of the Blues Masters CDís as recommended at this site and they are good for the time period they were initially recorded but a cd with some of the later hits would be nice. It would also stop the need for paying a premium price for a newish blues band CD that has a couple of good songs on an otherwise average CD.

Thanks in advance.

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