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Posted by bluz on September 29, 2002 at 08:55:51:

In Reply to: And more amps posted by Tangerine on September 25, 2002 at 19:18:32:

Has anybody played through any of the following Fender amps such as RI Bassman, Blues Junior, Blues Pro, Super 60, or Champ and what would you recommend.

1. For a starter amp, the old Silver Face Champ is a good harp amp. You can still get them at reasonable prices. You would need to mic it for playing with a band, in most cases.

2. Next up the food chain, and a Great amp is the Fender Pro Junior. If you can find one of the Tweeds with the Blue Frame Alnico Speaker, you got a First Class Harp Amp.IMHO. Ive played mine without micing it at Jams, and it gets the job done.

3. Blues Junior, Good Amp, more money, 12" speaker, I would go with the Pro. Why ? 10" speaker, easier to overdrive, and the Pro sounds better, IMHO and is cheaper, price wise.

4. Blues Deluxe, $300 to $500 range, used to new.
This is my main amp and I love it. It has a 12" speaker, reverb and sounds good.

5. Bassman R.I. $600 to $1000 range used to new.
Some tube swaps and tweeking and you got a Top Shelf Rig. Used by tons of players, a little much to lug around, but a Great Amp.

I have only commented on amps that I have owned and played thru. Going to a Music Store and blowing a few notes thru an amp, is not a fair way to judge an amp.

Keep in mind there are plenty of other brands of small tube amps, many such as the old Silvertones, Valcos, Magnatones that will sound good. I would highly recommend doing your homework first. Do some surfing and read up on amps, learn about tubes, check going prices.
All the best to you........bluz

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