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Posted by Shaggy on September 27, 2002 at 18:57:59:

In Reply to: note question posted by Kquat on September 25, 2002 at 13:38:06:

: My harmonica is about 2 weeks old. I just noticed on the 2 key or hole (lee oskar major diatonic c) when I breath in it makes no sound. If I really breathe in it gives me a note I can only call dead, but it seems fine when I blow on it. Is that supposed to be like that or is the reed bad? thanks

This is a very common question. Most people have trouble with hole 2 draw. Some have trouble with hole 3 draw. It *might* be the harp that's at fault, but don't bet on it. It is much more likely your technique to blame.

You need to open your oral cavity (mouth and throat) wide, relax your tongue, relax everything else, breathe into your diaphragm. Don't tense up or close off the airway at all, or you may inadvertantly bend or muffle the note.

An exercise you may try is to hold the harp in your mouth and just breathe. Don't play, just breathe through the harp. Breathe deeply at a natural rate, and resist the urge to play. Just breathe; in, out, in, out. Don't worry about making single notes or chords or anithing. Just breathe.

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