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Posted by Bev Strickland on January 08, 2003 at 13:58:33:

In Reply to: Christmas Songs posted by Katie on December 01, 2002 at 14:41:42:

: I am looking for some sheet music for Christmas songs. I have just started o play the harmonica. Any help is welcome! Thanks so much.

I am also new at the harmonica and am having a ball, since I discovered I discovered that very few women play and I wonder why. I love this web site and spend time on the message board to learn tips. I have a new Lee Oskar Major diatonic C and am doing real well with single notes. I am taking it very slowly and am practicing at least one half hour a day on the lessons given on the site. Nice to know that there is another lady loving the harmonica. I have been unable to find a teacher in my area. Would love to know how you are doing as a beginner. I have always loved the sound of the harp but never took it seriously until now. Better late than never.

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