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Posted by Benn on January 01, 2003 at 11:50:19:

In Reply to: Re: A few things posted by Cinciti on December 30, 2002 at 13:29:39:

Well It seems to be starting to bend. thanks for the advice. The noise doesn't switch as hard as the midi file but I think it is starting. I think the tip of my tounge is doing most of the work. It is making a tiny gap against the roof of my mouth and flutters a bit. Does this sound right? Also I switched from a pro harp to a special 20 and it seems to be a lot easier to play. : : 1. Cheap harmoncas are tough to learn to bend on because they leak air. Make sure this isn't part of your problem.

: : 2. Everything is related. Make sure your single notes and breathing are reasonably good. You should first be able to get and maintain a single note with the harmonica comfortably into your mouth. Your jaw is dropped and your teeth are spread apart so the harmonca is actually close to 1/2" into your mouth. If you bite down, your front teeth would touch the harmonica.

: : 3. Make sure you can hear the bent sound in your head first, before trying to bend. Use the sound files on this site. Can you whistle or sing the bent and the unbent sounds?

: : 4. Don't quit. It's hard for everyone.

: : Good luck,
: : Stan

: I noticed that when I first started learning to bend by tilting I was making the mistake of actually tilting my lips up while tilting the harmonica. Try keeping your mouth in the same position when you tilt. Almost as if there were little rollers on the harmonica where your mouth is!

: Hang in there, you'll get it.

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