Poll: My Favorite Playing Position...

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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on December 31, 2002 at 00:00:53:

An interesting question, but I wish that I wasn't limited to providing one answer.

When it comes to playing accompaniment styles (blues, rock'n'roll and even C&W) on the diatonic harmonica, I almost always find myself playing in the 2nd position.

For melodic instrumental styles in a major key (Gospel, classical, for a start...), I usually play in the 1st position. For the minor key, I usually play it either in the 4th or 5th position.

Lately, most of my playing has been in the 1st position, but that can change at any time. It depends on what material I'm playing.

Happy New Year! And as always,

I wish you all success in your endeavors.


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