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Posted by Jon on December 26, 2002 at 12:20:00:

Hello Harpers,

I picked up a mouth harp (you know, the twangy thang) a few months ago and I've really been getting a lot of joy from it, so I thought it might be time to graduate to a greater challenge.

Low and behold, yesterday I was given a Hohner Blues Harp (anyone care to explain why the Blues Harp is inferior for a starting player to the Special 20 or the others?). Viola! I've got my new toy.

I was wondering about blowing and drawing single notes, straight playing. I've found that by making a "fish-face" I am able to play single notes. And trying to wrap the inside of my lips around the mouthpiece was a great hint from a user here. I wonder if this is the way I'll always want to play though? It seems like a real strain (I know, I'm new, I need to build up the muscles, but still!). I've tried making "whistle-face" to blow single notes, simply whistling into the holes. This works fine when blowing, but when I draw, I kind of suck my lips up into the way and make a squeeky farting sound. The kid in me loves it, but it somehow lacks the satisfaction of true playing I suspect.

Anyone got suggestions for other 'faces' I might try?


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