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Posted by Kellen on December 23, 2002 at 11:58:42:

i been harping for a few months now, and even went with my friend and played with his band one night. It was awesome they set me up with a microphone and I sounded good for maybe 10 minutes. Then everything got really repetitive. I didn't know any riffs to play with them, and could opnly say in key when they were playing in "g" otherwise id just hold back. They play more rock than blues (and all i been playing is strict 12 bar blues) , but are trying to get into some Grateful dead songs. Im planning on bringing more harps if they invite me again, well see what happens. I really want to play with them and if anyone can post riffs or rythms for any of the following songs it would be very appreciated
-Good morning little school girl (sonny boy williamson, and coverd by the grateful dead)
-fire on the mountain
-the other ones
or any other grateful dead song


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