Can anyone tab a few short, simple riffs for me? I have audio files.

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Posted by Kinny on December 22, 2002 at 02:00:46:

I have a friend who's in a local folk band and he plays a few harmonica licks every now and then... I recorded their last show so I have the harmonica parts on MP3, and I'd love to be able to surprise him next time I see him by being able to play the riffs. Trouble is I'm very much a beginner; I'm fairly proficient at playing simple songs (and these ones sound pretty simple to me), but my ear's not developed well enough that I can tab these out on my own. Can anyone spare a little time to listen and try to tab? I have two MP3 files, from the licks at the beginning and end of the song (I think they're basically the same thing, though), and the audio's really clear and high quality.

If anybody can help (think Christmas spirit ;)) please email me at or get me on AIM or MSN messengers as "ironcladotter", and I'll send the MP3 files. Thanks!


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