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Posted by Mike on December 17, 2002 at 13:26:07:

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: : I have recently discovered that there are some songs with solos in them that sound just like the harmonica, but are actually being played on a melodica, which is an instrument with a 2-3 octave piano style keyboard for choosing notes and a mouthpiece that you blow into to make the sound. I don't think the melodica is used too much for deep and gutsy blues playing, but it does seem to show up on some sweeter tunes, like an old Motown song called, "Oh, Girl." Anyway, I just wanna know if anyone out there has any experience playing one of these instruments. I'm curious about what they can do in terms of adding to my harp playing...thanks, Eddie.

I own one. They are blow only and it is not possible to do bends on one. But, you can play chords. It has the sound of a organ more than a harmonica. One great melodica player was Augustus Pablo, a great dub producer and arranger. If you want to hear what a melodica is capable of pick up on of his albums

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