Re: How to fix a leaky (??) Hohner Special 20 (newby question)

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Posted by dg on December 08, 2002 at 07:38:19:

In Reply to: How to fix a leaky (??) Hohner Special 20 (newby question) posted by Peter on December 08, 2002 at 02:54:17:

First of all, if you value your health, DO NOT BUY AND PLAY USED HARMONICAS. This is not a harmonica rule, it's common sense.

Second, if you value your time, replace the leaky harmonica with a known quality harmonica like a Lee Oskar and find out if it is indeed the harmonica or your single note and breathing technique (read through these sections on the site). The newer Special 20's are very airtight (although they don't last very long), but the older ones (prior to about 1999), are very inconsistent and "leaky".

Spend your time practicing and playing, effective harmonica repair is difficult and takes a lot of experience to know when you have a repairable instrument or when you a piece of junk that's not worth the time. After hundreds of harmonicas, numerous custom jobs, and hundreds of hours spent screwing with them, I now just buy new ones. I'd rather play.

Good luck,

: Hi, my name is Peter and I'm quite new to harmonica playing. I have 3 harps, 2 of which I bought used. One of them, a Hohner Special 20 seems to be leaky...that is, you have to use quite some force before you hear the notes....if you blow or draw gently, the harp remains silent. Also, if I play it sounds 'windy', like air that is going around the reeds and not thru them......What is the problem? How can I fix this?

: Thanks. Harp on!

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