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Posted by Bluzharper on January 05, 2001 at 15:46:30:

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I will give this a try and keep it simple. If you are learning to play on a C harp and you play "Oh Susana". You are playing in the Key of C on a C harp or 1st position or straight harp. On a C harp you can play Blues in the Key of G or second position known as blues harp. Take the song Louie Louie, if its played in the key of E, the guitar player will play these cords E E E A A B B B A A so you play in the second position. E song = A harp. Just take the key of the song E and count up 4 The musical alaphabet is A B C D E F G then it starts over A B C D E F G so count up, key of E then E is 1 F is 2 G is 3 starts over A is 4 That is why a C harp is used in G blues, second position. G is the song key count G=1 A=2 B=3 C=4 these song are called 1 4 5 songs. At blues jams. You will here them say a 1 4 5 shuffle in the key of A so you count up A B C D and grab your D harp for an A key song. These 1 4 5 songs include songs like "Sweet Home Chicago" or "Kansas City" or "Everyday I Have The Blues" I hope this helps. Guitar players will relate to this. Just remember you play in the 4 so count uo 4 from the song key. song A = D harp...ect hope this helps and is not to confusing.. Bluz..... any questions E-mail me..

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