Blues King Harmonicas Arrived

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Posted by Jerry on January 05, 2001 at 11:32:53:

I have been working with the set of 12 Blues King harmonicas I received this morning. Quick Summary, they are better than I expected.

Cases are cheap plastic, worst I have seen, one does not latch, but with a little heat and bending, it will. They each come with a little cloth inside the case.

I have not broken them in yet but, in first position, they all seem to be in tune (using a piano)

To compare, I have three Hohner harps, borrowed a Marine Band(A), and I own a Special 20(C) and a Pro Harp(G)- they sound better than the Marine Band, about the same as the Special 20, but definately not as good as my Pro Harp. I realize, I am going by the resonance in my head. I did not record them and play them back. I did play them for a couple of people and they all picked the Pro Harp as the best, two picked the Blues King, and one picked the Special 20 as second best. All picked the Marine Band as the worst, maybe it is a bad one, but only one year old I am told.

Overall - I will have fun ripping these guys up, good learning tools and easy to throw away since they cost me $55 for the whole set.

I will post again in a couple of weeks. If BluzHarper is right, I will be complaining.

BTW - I play from 1-4 hours a day everyday since Christmas. This should wipe these guys out soon if they are that bad. I will be using the C and G the most, but will attempt to use them all some.

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