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Posted by Jerry on January 05, 2001 at 09:47:35:

In Reply to: Re: Blues King Harmonicas posted by Bluzharper on January 04, 2001 at 21:42:05:

What he hell does math have to do with it?
Did not mean to imply that anyone was dishonest, but the one answer was
very short with no explaination or information to back it up. I HAVE a Special
20 in C and a Pro in G. Since I am a rookie, according to all of you now, they
will be great for practice and learning. I like my Hohner harps, but they are
not the only brand in the world that is any good. Inexpensive is not cheap and
I do not pay any attention to those who scoff at off brands. For example, there
is a company in China who makes band instruments, one in particular that I
know is of quality, but about 1/6th the price of a US or Euro instrument is their
piccolo. We have had that baby for 3 years, my daughter plays it almost every
day of the school year in high school, and we have NEVER had a problem.
Guess what, it stays in tune and has a higher quality sound than the others,
even the brand new ones. Yeah Bluz, I just must be lucky, WRONG, the
testimonials from professional musicians about those Chinese intruments
are 100% positive

Everyone has an opinion, and I do appreciate all of them. But if you are going
to have a strong one, back it up with facts, not the crap you are laying out here.

East European engineers make about 30 cents an hour making composite molded
model racing gliders, the best in the world. The cost $500 to $1500 to import them
but it would cost $5000 to $6000 to buy a US model of the same quality.
THAT IS MATH !! Same thing applies to oriental products. Back in the 60's
people like you said the same thing about a crappy little Japanese company
name Sony...

Maybe they won't last, and I am not expecting them to be the best....

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