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Posted by el_pedro_nacho on December 15, 2000 at 13:39:34:

In Reply to: Re: What to buy? posted by Floyd on December 13, 2000 at 21:27:19:

Not to start a riot, but I disagree with you there, friend. While A is one of my favorite keys, I don't think it's a good idea for a new one to start with. In fact, and maybe I have someone else that agrees with me here, but I find the higher key harps MUCH easier to bend.

But this could all be subjective from person to person...perhaps I learned how to bend better with a higher key, and you a lower. But to meet in the middle, not just to appease, but sincerely, I do reccommend a key of C. It's basically right in the middle of the harp scale, not too high, not too low, very nice sounding, and lots of songs are played on it. As for brand, I know I probably shouldn't be so narrow-minded, especially to one who is just starting, but I stand by the Hohner Special 20s. This, of course, is my preference. I also reccommend Lee Oskars, but moreso Special 20s.


: : Jc To start out I like a special 20 in an A harp there easy to start out on and once you start learning how to bend the A harp is easier than lets say D or F. Good luck

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