Re: What kind of Harmonica do I have?- "a tremolo"

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Posted by Stan Besaw on November 27, 2000 at 02:06:54:

In Reply to: What kind of Harmonica do I have? posted by Derek on November 26, 2000 at 19:17:03:

It is most likely a "Hero Harmonica", which is an inexpensive Chinese tremolo type harmonica (I've got an old one myself). They are ok for playing around with and for special effects, but you would still need a diatonic or chromatic harmonica to do any "serious" playing (whatever that means).

I hope this helps,

: It's sunday night, I'm rather bored, and I found a harmonica in my desk drawer. I'm not quite sure where it came from and I'm kind of wondering what it is...
: The brandname is "Kero Harmonica" and it has 2 rows of 16 holes and I know it's not chromatic because there isn't a slide or button or whatnot. From what I've gathered on the net I have either a 16 hole or 32 hole ditonic harmonica...
: I've only been able to find lessons for a 10 hole ditonic and I really would like to learn how to play, so anyone that could help me out by telling me what I have and where I can get lessons, I'd be forever grateful.

: Derek

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