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Posted by Bill on November 20, 2000 at 21:22:36:

In Reply to: Where to go from here? posted by Tommy Vincent on November 20, 2000 at 14:01:59:

: I am trying to learn how to play for my on enjoyment, some blues, some ballads, mainly solo. I am doing pretty well in getting single notes and moving along the scale. Question; where do I go from here. Do I need to learn to read music (no talent in this area), should I just memorize songs (seems very limiting) or will it somehow fall in place. I don't have an ear for music but really want to learn, though this is my third time to pick the harp up.

All of the above! Anything you can do to increase your musical knowledge and technique will eventually help it all "fall in place".

Reading music and music theory are good. I don't sight read myself. I can study a musical score and read it slowly and eventually play the song. Every time I do it I'm just a bit better at sight reading.... The beauty of the harmonica is the unlimited roads to travel. Chords, bending, overblows, 3rd postition, 4th position... playing through an amp and through and amp with some effects; Wha wha, distortion, chorus, delay... I suppose the only limitation is: How much money can you keep blowing on harmonica stuff!

Keep a harpin
PS on my site there are some good lessons, one which explores playing through several positions on one harp for a Jazzy/blues..

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