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Posted by bluesharptim on November 20, 2000 at 21:06:43:

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Rick, Your question leads to many other questions. Instead of asking them I will make assumtions. I assume you are playing in the major scales. I assume he is trying to play in "cross harp" or second position. To learn about the different positions and what notes on the harmonica fit the best, he needs to do some homework, (like maybe read this site!)for each of the positions. In a nutshell, for him to play in second position in a major scale he needs to choose the harmonica that is seven half notes below the key in which you are playing guitar in. For the key of A he would use a D harmonica in second position:for the key of E an A harp; G a C harp ect.
Lee Oskar harmonicas come with a handy little reference guide that tells you which key harp to play in all four positions. There are great instructional cds on the market. Tell him to spend a penny. Hope this helps get you guys tight. Jam On... Tim : : I'm a guitar player and the harmonica player I jam with always asks what harp to use. We usually jam in E, G, A, and D. Please help me help him.

: : Thanks,

: : Rick

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