Re: Once, again, Why John Popper?

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Posted by randy on November 09, 2000 at 09:45:49:

In Reply to: Once, again, Why John Popper? posted by el_pedro_nacho on November 08, 2000 at 21:02:02:

I always appreciated the "big city" players like Jerry Portnoy and Little Walter (I think he cannot be touched) but recently I have come to really appreciate Big Walter Horton (a big influence and friend of Portnoy) and Sonny Terry. Sonny Boy II (Rice Miller) is probably my favorite in the more country style harp. There sound is so simple but pretty difficult to duplicate. Big Walter has some licks that sound so simple but his clarity and precision amaze me. I goofed around with some friends on guitar and drums. They wanted me to play like Popper and said "yeah, OK!". So I fudged it completely. I could tell it was B.S. But my friends loved it. Really funny. He's so fast I can't hear all the notes. So it was easy to fake as long as you stay in the right key.

I have respect for all the players too. Mark Hummel is awesome I think. I love Junior Wells. Saw him in Philly 1 year before he died. And James Cotton is another favorite. He has a very sour sound. He sounds like he drinks vinegar which helps me get some of his sounds. I imagine lemon juice. My mouth gets all watery and draws up inside. I get these "sour" sounds coming out. It's pretty cool. I even like Neil Young. I don't think he's a good player though. Very easy to duplicate and improve over. Don't like Dylan. Sorry eveybody! He's a songwriter and a great one. But he needs to leave the harp alone.
OK. There's my 8 cents.

: Ah, finally, someone who doesn't get all upset when I explain this! Yay, and kudos to you Randy!

: I'm a fan (as you can likely tell) of John Popper's but I have tremendous respect for all different harp players (except the ones you can tell that are just fudging it by blowing and sliding...*shudders*)... there are some that don't suit my tastes, but I appreciate the skill nonetheless.

: Appreciate the open-minded-ness...

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