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Posted by Dr Harmonica on November 06, 2000 at 19:55:28:

In Reply to: Tuning posted by Bill on October 30, 2000 at 23:33:23:

: I've done a bit of tuning on diatonics. As I understand it, you file the base, or attatched end of the reed to flaten it and the tip or free end to sharpen. I gave this advise to someone and they applied it to a chromatic. He claims that filng the free end caused the reed to become flat...?

: Is there a difference in how filing applies to chromatic/diatonic? Do I have the process backward? Or maybe He was filing the wrong reed...

: Help

: Bill

He probably was filing the wrong reed. Chromatics tune in exactly the same way as diatonics. Lessen the weight at the tip and the reed can move faster, i.e. pitch goes up. Weaken the base and the reed moves out further, causing it to vibrate slower: pitch goes down. That is universal on chromatics, diatonics and even accordeons. It could also mean your friend damaged the reed when working on it. That would cause it to go flat as well.
In any case: you have the process exactly the right way.

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