Once, again, Why John Popper?

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Posted by el_pedro_nacho on November 03, 2000 at 13:57:16:

I consider this to be the decisive reason people like John Popper: He is to the harp what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar. This is not to say that John or Jimi were/are the best players of their instrument, just that they had a unique style.

Now, some people don't like Jimi Hendrix. Some people don't like John Popper (or at least his style). What you have to consider is "Do I not like the music he plays or his style?" Because, let's be honest. Just because we all play harp here, does NOT mean that we all have to like EVERY harp player.

The difference lies in a few areas. For example, I also play guitar. I don't care much for pop. I'd much rather listen to blues, or rock. But if another "boyband" came along, but they played guitar too, am I then obligated to enjoy and respect them? No. And say they are the best guitarists in the world; I still don't have to like them. I simply don't like pop.

Now some people out there don't like Rock as much as they like Blues. And people like ol' Charlie Musselwhite (one of my favorite blues harpists) and Paul Butterfield, etc. are blues harp, while John is, despite his band's name, NOT blues. So don't think that you have to like Blues Traveler or John Popper's style because he plays harmonica. It's a matter of choice in styles.

And at the risk of starting an argument, I guess some people just have a broader respect for harmonica style :)


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