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Posted by Dr Harmonica on October 22, 2000 at 06:25:25:

Hi gang,

Today I put together a list of all groups, discussion forums and communities I am a member to, including this one. Feel free to wander around on their sites. I included subscription instructions for all of them.

Here they are:

Harp-L; the Oldest, the Biggest:
to subscribe go to the site and follow the instructions there. Pretty self-explanatory! Messages sent by Email either individually or as a daily digest. Prepare for several dozens of messages each day!


Newsgroup on the usenet:
contact your ISP if you can't find it on the news servers


The following communities are all on Egroups:

Harp Talk:
moderated by John Watts from Coast to Coast music; automatic instant admission

Slide Meister:
moderated by A.J. Fedor; admission by approval, usually given
Chromatic harmonicas only; explicitly forbidden to discuss diatonics since there are enough groups about that.

Beginning Harmonica:
moderated by Ray Langly; admission by approval, usually given
Beginning players only, but someone has to supply answers to their questions...

Subscribing to Egroups discussion groups:

- Go to http://www.egroups.com/ and register with them. This is free and you won't be bothered or spammed afterwards. And fill out a profile for people to see, at least with your full name and location. There is nothing as irritating as only seeing an Email address for the sender of a post.

- Go to the URL for the specific group and click "subscribe". Fill out the form. Feel free to roam around first, read some because the posts are open to anyone.

- In some cases the subscription is effective immediately, in other cases you will be notified by Email some time later.

- Choose your method of reading. There are three options available:
Individual Emails for each message (use a filter and separate folder to prevent swamping your inbox)
A daily digest of all messages for that day by Email
No Email, read messages on-line only

- Done! Have fun.


Yahoo Clubs: Harmonica Club:
Not really moderated, but a private initiative. Quality of content varies, usually not too busy. Messages on-line (default) or by Email.

To subscribe, register with Yahoo Clubs first:
http://www.clubs.yahoo.com/ and click the "Sign me up" link.

Then go to the URL for the club page above and click the "Join this club" button in yellow on the upper right hand side of the screen. Admission may not be immediate, but you will be notified in that case.

Once a member, be sure to be signed on with Yahoo Clubs before attempting to post messages or replies. There is a signon link on the specific club home page that enables to do so.

One more thing: there is a link "Category: Harmonica" top right side of the page, that gets you a list with links to more clubs; six in all. One of them, "Super Chromatic Harmonica" is currently very quiet, since it coincided with the start of Slide Meister and most members and potential members have gone over to that group. There are some occasional posts though. The others vary, but most are very, very quiet.


MSN Communities Blues Harp Joint:
A brand new site that has only very few members including yours truly. So far the group is very quiet.

To subscribe you have to register with MSN Passport first. Free and you won't be harassed afterward with all sorts of junk mail.

- Go here: http://login.passport.com/login.asp

- Log in or register as a user if you don't have an ID yet

If you are not registered with MSN Passport you can't find the Blues Harp Joint site at all and instead get an error message that the group does not exist. Rest assured: it does. Just register, sign on and you'll do fine.


Harmonica Lessons.Com Message Board
Not too much I can say about this, I only joined recently. Good posting, reasonable level. No need to sign in or something, anyone can join, read and post.


That is about it. Maybe there are more. If so, I am surely interested in hearing about them. Email me offlist with the URL and instructions and small comments, the style I did here. I will add them to my list and post that regularly for reference purposes.

Happy harpin'
- featuring Thirsty, the groggy froggy

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