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Posted by Dr Harmonica on October 22, 2000 at 04:41:08:

Hi all,

Today I stumbled across this board, although I know of the existence of this site much longer than that. I dropped some replies to messages (even very old ones) and I like to be a regular on this board. Those of you who know me from the other groups I attend also know I do make some useful additions here and there and I am glad to be able to, so any harp discussion board - I wanna' be on it.
There is one small detail I do wonder about though:

Is there a way to notify posters on this board (a mailing list of sorts) that new messages have been posted? I keep track of five (!) newsgroups on harmonica only and several others on other subjects, mostly music related. If I have to go check back here to see if anything new is posted it will be very cumbersome, especially since my followed links expire quite fast (I have to do that or I will have log files the size of a small African country within a week or two). For that reason it won't be easy for me to spot the new and/or unread messages on first sight. Besides, I do not read all messages, only the ones that interest me, so even if I keep my followed links for a long time, I can't tell the difference between "new" and "unread because not interesting".

Webmaster? Anyone? How do I do that?

Oh, and another inconvenience I would like to know a trick for: For every message I type I have to give a full name and an Email address. A rather cumbersome thing, that probably is a little hard to solve, but maybe it deserves a looking into. Perhaps a little site-logon and some cookies will do the trick. Simply registering as a user, without any further concequences to that won't be too difficult. Leave the choice up to the users and tell them that when registering they automatically receive the newsletter (unless specifically ticked not to) and have easier ways of posting. People do not need to register to post, but then they miss the newsletter (can subscribe separately) and have to do a lot more typing on chat and messages.

Lemme know what you think of it okay? Please mail me offlist as well, since I don't know how to find out there is a reply to this without checking back every day. I simply don't have the time to do that.

Great initiative, great board, nice posts. I like being here.

Hey you guys at, if there is something more I can contribute, lemme know okay?

Happy harpin'
- featuring Thirsty, the groggy froggy

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