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Posted by Stan Besaw on April 20, 2002 at 01:48:04:

In Reply to: Info Help? Key of G posted by Frank on April 16, 2002 at 18:26:29:

None of this makes any sense. I'd go to Glen's site and email him directly. Every song is different and is based on a particular scale for it's melody. Also, the 12 and 14 Marine Bands, #364 and #365, are very leaky, poorly constructed harmonicas. I'd avoid them unless absolutely necessary. There is no perfect harmonica for every type of music. Chromatic may have all the notes, but it might not be the best choice either.

: Glen Weiser wrote a book on Irish and American Fiddle Tunes for Harmonica which looks very good. He states that He says that many tunes having the key signature of one sharp (G Major, D Mixolydian, A Dorian, or E Aeolian) can not be played on the 10-hole harmonica. Instead you have to use the 12-hole harmonica like the Hohner No. 364, key of G. Can anyone explain why? I figured a regular 10-hole key of G harmonica would have the F# in it. Can anyone help me?
: Thanks. ....Frank

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