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Posted by Raunchy on April 18, 2002 at 11:35:27:

In Reply to: Re: Beginning Harmonica music...... posted by Erik W. on April 14, 2002 at 01:45:02:

: : Right...I didn't mean to seem lazy or anything I was just wanting some DIFFERENT music from this site and I didn't finish looking around the site when I posted that message. You shouldn't get so upset over something that small, Erick.

: Dear Laura (Alura?): Please read this thread again, and you will see that it wasnt me who flamed you. Actually I was defending you and others who post before looking around on the site (as you express it yourself).

: I have never flamed anybody on any messageboard (at least not on purpose), and I apologize if I have offended you, by sugesting that you could be an untrained reader.
: My opinion is that there should be room for everybody on this kind of sites. If people dont like a question, they can ignore it. There is no reason what so ever to flame a person who post a question from the FAQ on the messageboard. Flaming can only have the effect to create a hostile atmosphere on the board, and scare any newcommers away and in the end make the messageboard die out.
: Once again: I wasnt upset, and I wasnt the one flaming you. I tried to defend you. I hope you stay in spite of this, and become a regular on this messageboard.

: Best wishes
: Erik W.

Erik, I agree with you about there being room for everyone on this site. Like you said, ignore the question if you don't like it. If this site had "everything" we wouldn't need the message board now would we? So has anyone ever read something and two days later forgot what they read??? Did you ever stop to think that when learning something new it can seem overwhelming at times??? Like too much information in a short period. I personally dislike seeing negative comments when someone is asking, in their opinion, a sincere question. I tend to think those negative people are very insecure and are afraid the newby will end up being a better harp player. Why should the newby's have to struggle and just figure things out on their own??? So, if you can help in the future and take a minute to answer a simple question please do so. Not only will people think you're a "good" person but you could look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a "good" person. Happy Harping from someone who is willing to help ANYONE no matter how simple the question may be. :>}

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