Thanks for being one of the 30,000 regular visitors to Harmonica!

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Posted by Webmaster on April 18, 2002 at 03:13:06:

Thanks for being one of the 30,000 monthly visitors to Harmonica! Thank you if you've made a contribution and/or use our affiliate Store to help keep us in business.

We ask, if you haven't already done so, to make an $8.50 to $50 contribution to keep this site online and growing.

Last month, March 2002, out of our 30,000 site visitors, there were 4 contributions made in support (three online, one via snail mail).

We are without a doubt, the biggest and most frequented (and hopefully one of the most useful) harmonica-related sites in the world. Since we only make a small percentage of the sale price of purchases through our Store and have avoided forced membership fees, we look for our frequent visitor's to contribute to support the site.

We sincerely hope you've learned and benefited from our site's detailed instruction and many site extras (including this Message Board). We strive to be the next best thing you will find to private lessons with a top-notch harmonica teacher.

We apologize for the use of ad banners and annoying popup windows throughout the site, but it's been proven that without them, we couldn't afford to keep the site up. We're planning and working on Harmonica instruction books, audio CDs, video tapes, live seminars, and possible Phone Instruction later this year to generate income, but in the meantime, our only financial support is through your contributions and use of our affiliate Store. Until then...

Thanks and Play On,

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