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Posted by CaBLe on April 14, 2002 at 12:31:41:

Dear Harpers,

I have been playing harmonica for about half a year now, only using the internet for instruction. I have definetly felt that this website is helpful. However I have recently noticed from the sample video's on www.harmonicamasterclass.com how effective it is to be taught by video's. Just by the few samples on the page I have learnt so much. For example there's a clip on articulation and it teaches how important it really is. Also there's another clip on how your nose affects your playing and it teaches a really important way of shutting you nose while playin and it totally corrected my tone when playin.

So I was wondering if anyone else felt that video's have helped guide them in becoming a better player and which video's specifically have helped them.

There's also a video sample from this website (www.cvls.com/harmonica.html) and the guy plays really different and didnt seem helpful.

Your insights are much apreciated.

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