Harmonica Costs???

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Posted by Raunchy on April 14, 2002 at 10:39:19:

I just a beginner here and I'm not sure if I'm nieve or what? I notice people saying that certain harmonica's cost a lot of money or not wanting to buy another key because of spending the money. I think harmonica's are very inexpensive and had no problem purchasing 3 right from the get go. Compared to drum sets, guitars, and horns I thought I made the right choice as far as finances go (not that thats why I chose the harmonica) I would have regardless of price. So, as you improve do you have to replace the harmonica quite frequently? Am I missing something here because I'm too new to understand the whole picture? If I were to practice an hour a day, how often would I be replacing my harp? (Roughly speaking) Thanks for the input.

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