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Posted by Ray on April 12, 2002 at 14:24:09:

I'm a beginner(1 year) I do not know alot about mic's but here is my experence.
About 8 mo. ago I bought a new "Nifty-Fifty" and a CAD"Silver Bullet"(Exact same mic as Blues Blaster and JT-30, made by same company in same building with different label.) Amp was $100 and mic was $74.95,it lists for $99.95. Seems ok.
In the last 3 mo. I was still curious about other mics. On e-bay I bought a Calrad Dynamic DM-88 for $17.50. It blew away the Bullet mic. I was stunned. And alot easier to cup.
Two weeks ago received an Astatic Lavalier. Smaller than a Shaker. That sounded good too! I payed $6.25 for it.
Today I received a Panasonic Dynamic wm-2105p mic I paid $6.00 for. Made in the 70's and came in original box with neck lanyard,cord and small plastic table stand. It looks new! And that included shipping! So mic was $2.55!!! And it blows away the bullet mic also. Nice deep fat tone. The Panasonic and Astatic came with 20' cord and a neck lanyard. Thats what they were made for. Small and light to wear around the neck.
These mic's are small and light enough that anyone can get an air tight cup. Also small and light enough that you could "jury rig" a ring on to them to slip onto your finger.If your a beginner and are curious about amplified harp and either can't or don't want to spend alot of what I did. Go to e-bay type in Vintage mic or Dynamic mic and go for it. Make sure it comes with a cord. The $75 or $150 you save, buy some good harps,harp cd's or lessons.
I'm not saying these used mic's will blow away every bullet mic or Shure mic but I do know they sound better than my bullet. Ray

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