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Posted by blindtater on April 06, 2002 at 22:34:57:

In Reply to: Harmonica Honker posted by Cinciti on April 04, 2002 at 21:16:28:

Hi, I bought a Harmonica Honker about a month ago and I love it. I play through a Fender Pro Junior with a Danecho. I have three mics that I always take with me, to practice and to gigs-a JT30, a Shaker dynamic, and now, my new Honker. Since I've got the Honker I haven't even used my other mics. I can slip that baby on my finger and forget that I'm using a mic at all(except for a change in volume or distortion)! It seems to free me up to focus on my playing instead of whether or not I've got a good hold on the mic. Also, I've got the beginnings of arthritis in my hands making it kind of tough to get a proper cup with the JT30. Anyway, you were looking for some opinions on the Honker and I'll say again, I love mine. Blindtater

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