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Posted by tony on April 02, 2002 at 14:21:36:

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: : can anyone explain what overblows are and when they would be used?

: Overblows and overbends are special sorts of bends. You can get overblows on holes 1 to 6 blow, and overdraws on holes 7 to 10 draw. Normal bends lower the pitch of the note, whilst overblows and overdraws rise the pitch of the note, always by half a step(aka a semitone). The technique used to overblow and overdraw is similar to the one used on normal bends, but harder, much more difficult. Overdraws and overblows allow a full chromatic range of notes on the the diatonic harmonica. In order to overblow and overdraw you have to have the correct set-up on you harmonica. You can do this yourself(explaining how do it is complicated), or you can buy a Hohner Golden Melody that is specially designed for overdrawing and overblowing.
: If you are a beginner, learn other techniques first. When can you use it? If you want to play the 6th position blues scale for example, I'm pretty sure you have to overblow. The fact is that overblows/draws offer new and fascinating possibilities for the diatonic harmonica. To my knowledge, this technique was first seriously used in the 1970s. I don't overblow or overdraw yet, so I can't tell you more.

thank you very much that explains alot.

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