Blue Rodeo - Bad Timing

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Posted by Paul F on March 30, 2002 at 05:51:27:


I've just started playing the Harp and I love it! I've played the guitar for years and after finding this site with free lessons, I thought I'd get started.

Is there anyone out there who could tell me how to play the intro and the outro (if you can call it that) to Blue Rodeo's song "Bad Timing"?

I've checked over the tabs here and I haven't found it. I'm so used to being able to go to the internet and find virtually any tab for guitar that I guess I'm a bit spoiled.

Also, is there anyone who could tell me where I could find the notes for each key of a diatonic harmonica? I know them for "C" but I don't for my "G" or "A" harps.

Thanks, in advance for any help.

Paul F

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