Is this the same Jon Gindick

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Posted by Jay on March 28, 2002 at 20:37:56:

Back in early march i posted a message (I don;t use tabs).
One of the replys came from a Jon Gindick. I bought my
only book on harps (Rock n'Blues) by Jon Gindick just
after xmas. Would this be the same person. If so i'm
impress. Jon can really play and his book and CD is
excellent. It a great way to learn, playing by ear with
his CD and getting some music theory with the book. As
i am 58 and retired i thought i was too old to learn a
musical instrument, but i have come along pretty good with
the harp and planning to keep learning the rest of life.
Also would like to thank bluzharper for all is dedication
to this site. Without a one on one teacher, this site
is the next best thing. Jay

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