AP-Tuner the ultimate harmonica tool.

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Posted by Erik W. on March 27, 2002 at 16:54:18:

Its about a couple of months since I posted my idea to use the AP Instrument Tuner for harmonica training. Since I have seen the idea spread like a fire here on the board and thats good :-)
At the time when I started to use the program, it had a nice homepage at www.audio-phonics.com but its gone now. I would have like to tell the author how good his tuner is for learning Harmonica, - but even though I know his name is Joseph Broms, I havent got his E-mail adress. I dunno why he gave his site up, but its probably because he realized that he wouldent be able to make money on his programs, and thats a shame because his tuners are the best software tuners I have ever seen. We are Lucky we can still download em at Tucows.
If you play guitar too you should also have his guitar-tuner its really good.

You get Instrument tuner here http://www.tucows.com/home/preview/199200.html

And Guitar tuner here http://www.tucows.com/home/preview/199199.html

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