Am i playing 4th position?

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Posted by Jay on March 26, 2002 at 19:29:16:

Started playing as a beginner last Oct. I practice
from cd's and mp3 only, playing along with anything &
everything. I know i had first position and 2nd position
down but didn't realise it was playiing in other positions until
i looked up Dillon's (watchtower) on this site and said a
E harp 6 hole draw tonic, 4th position. I than downloaded
dave mathrews band (along the watchtower). I used a G
harp 6 hole draw as tonic. Is this correct, would this
be a 4 position also? Also does anyone know what key
of the dave mathrews version is as i'm not sure how to
figure that out from 4th position.

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