Re: Special 20's vs Lee Oskars vs Golden Melody

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Posted by jerry on March 21, 2002 at 19:44:45:

In Reply to: Re: Special 20's vs Lee Oskars vs Golden Melody posted by Jay on March 03, 2002 at 18:34:28:

I have experimented with LO's, 20's and GM's. I have waivered between them -- but have finally decided on the Special 20's. Here's why:
Special 20's don't deem to have the quality that LO's have. LO's are by the the best constructed harmonica. The LO coverplates are imperious to corrosion and it is extremely airtight and "solid" feeling. That being said... the LO holes are too big. It makes it harder (even though it's supposed to be easier) to play single notes. Secong, the "equal tuning" on the LO's (and GM's) is not very good for chord playing. The Special 20's tuning is more forgiving. 20's may not be made as strong as LO's -- but in my opinion they have the true american harmonica sound with "intonation tuning". I think the most important part of any instrument is the sound. Here is a tip: because you cannot replace 20's reedplates -- you can prolong the life of your harp by buying the "LO tuning and repair kit" and manual for under $20. This will allow you to adjust the reeds instead of replacing them several times before you need to buy a new 20. As for GM's -- like I said ... the tuning is the same as the LO's and not "bluesy" enough for me. Also, I think the GM is uncomfortable because it doesn't have recessed reedplates like the LO and 20's. But when it comes down to it.... its all personal preferance.

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