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Posted by Bob B. on March 07, 2002 at 18:39:34:

In Reply to: Polls posted by Patrick J. McKenna on March 02, 2002 at 17:22:53:

: The polls are fun, informative and interesting. I was, however, disappointed by the results of the poll which asked about the "Player I'd most like to sound like..."
: Paul Butterfield was a great player, but he's dead. Players such as the great Charlie Musselwhite, John Mayall and Jon Gindick are true innovators, and I'm happy to report, still alive.
: Over 30 years ago, after listening to classic chart hits, such as "Not Fade Away," by the Rolling Stones and "I'm a Man," by the Yardbirds, the John Mayall record (yup...on a vinyl LP record) "Blues City Shakedown," really turned me on to harmonica. Since those days, John Mayall has ventured through different styles and has proved his genius without fail. Only .45% of those who responded to the poll picked John Mayall.
: Another time-tested trooper, innovator and instructor (he has written some instruction material too), who has been on the scene since the 1960's, is Charlie Musselwhite. Only 4.5% picked Charlie Musselwhite.
: Both Neil Young and Bob Dylan are fine musicians, who, like John Mayall and Charlie Musselwhite, have been around, endured and survived. they have recorded some classic records and are both capable harmonica players, but, IMHO, aren't of the same calibre as John Mayall or Charlie Musselwhite.
: My choice is Jon Gindick. His training material is unique, unorthodox, effective and prove his genius. I, along with the 2.7% of the respondants who picked Jon Gindick as the "Player I'd like to sound like..." are probably in unanamous agreement that the 92.3% who also responded owe this great player an apology for overlooking him!
: You're the man, Jon. Let's demand a recount!!

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