Difference brands of Harps

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Posted by Jayr on February 18, 2002 at 19:43:47:

I been playing for a little 6 months so I would be considered
a beginner, but not in the amount of harps i have boughten.
16 Johnsons, 8 Hohner GM, 10 Hohner Spec.20's, Hohner
14 hole woodie marine band, 40 hole Hohner Comet, Huang
6 gang Musette 6 Tremolo, 2 LO 10 hole, and a Hohner
big river 10 hole. I have blown out 3 Johnsons, More
if i used them, one LO G key, 2 GM, and one special 20.
I practice the first 3 months , 30 hours a week. I find
that that any harp can go flat, at any given time. The
harp that has the most hours on is the LO C key. I like
the Hohner GM for cording and melody playing and bending
across the scale, and the special 20 for value and overall
ease of playing. I think the LO has the strongest reeds
but also a little harder to bend on the 2 and 3 hole
especially on the low keys like G. This is just a beginner's
opinion. I practice about 20 hours a month now and expect
to replace one harp per month. Not the cheapest hobby
but well worth it for the satifaction i am getting. My
family don't seem too interested and when i play the blues
this summer some of my friends think it's neat. Jay

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