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Posted by bluzharper on February 16, 2002 at 13:25:04:

I spent a few years checking out harp players, rigs, and the use of volume pots on mics. One thing I started to notice, many players prefer to pass on the pot. I have built numerous mics using older JT-30 bodies and Shure Green Bullet elements. I love the results. I DO NOT SELL THESE MICS, so please dont ask. My purpose is just to share what Ive found out. Its easy to control volume by how hard you play, so why have a volume pot in the first place? Well its a great way to stop feedback. OK so lets eliminate feedback before it starts. When I built my first mics I tried every which way to wire them with some disastrous results. A friend and fellow harp player and amp builder said the less crap in the signal path the better, so I built my first mic without the volume pot. I notice right off the sound was fuller, thicker, and had a horn like quality. The secret, was grounding the shell of the mic to the shielding on the cable. This reduced feed back with a magnetic element like the Green Bullet. Shell or bodies cost about $30 the elements about $39 so, Im not really saving that much but I love the sound quality, volume, and building them. The first player that heard it wanted one. So far Ive built about 8 of these for fellow players and friends. They say it goes full circle, I have been given an Electro Voice 605 and several other mics from people Ive built them for and they always ask me to sit in. Hey What Fun.... I play thru a Fender Blues Deluxe tubed for guitar, vol at 3 1/2 Treb 4 Mid 4 Bass 8 and I use a DanEcho Pedal instead of the amp reverb. Ive been told by fellow players they like the sound, Ive had guys play thru my rig so I could hear it from the crowd, and I love it. So you might want to try passing on the POT....... KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE....bluz

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