Hey! - I learned bending extremely fast.

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Posted by Erik Wildau on February 12, 2002 at 16:41:17:

Hi All!
I bought a Couple of Lee Oscar Major Diatonics a week ago. I am 40 years old and an old sparetime guitar bluesman, I had found this site by accident and decided that it was about time I learned to play da bluesharp. I tried to bend for a couple of days, and I wasnt really sure if I did it the right way. I read at this site that they recommended a chromatic guitar tuner. I wasnt ready to buy such a thing because I have allways tuned my guitars by ear. I got the idea to search for a tuner program on Tucows and Voila! I learned bending extremely fast by using the free computer program called "AP instrument tuner" http://opasia.tucows.com/home/preview/199200.html and its in a guitar version on http://opasia.tucows.com/home/preview/199199.html they are both 1 megabyte downloads.
Its freeware so there is no strings attached, unless you use it for tuning your guitar;-) (sorry for the bad joke.) If you have a microphone plugged in your computer allready, the solution is completely free.

The good thing with using a tuner while training, is that you can see right away when you do it right, and do it again. I also found it very usefull in learning to treat hole 2 draw right, I noticed that I very often bend it by accident, by tilting it a little dowwards I can get the clean note. I think it also gives a good single tone dicipline because you gotta hit a single tone to get a readout from the program. Now I have the microphone in front of me, and the program on the computer screen, when I train at home. I can allways see what note I hit, and if I hit it clean. And I can allway see exactly how much I bend the tones.

Hey! - Another last trick i found. This page recommends using tape to block holes on the harp in pursueing the clean note. I uses Plastic film of the type you wrap food in. it can be put on /peeled off again again and needs no glue to stick on the harp.

I hope that havent said something that has ben posted here 1000 times allready, I just wanted to share my succes on the harp.
Thnx for a great site, I really wish that there were a«similar place for guitar-players.

Regards Erik Wildau

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