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Posted by Ron on February 08, 2002 at 10:28:13:

In Reply to: PLEASE HELP ME! posted by Drew Chabala on February 07, 2002 at 12:42:06:

Hi there. First of all you WILL learn how to get clean sound out of holes 2 and 3. These holes are toughies!

Here is what I suggest you do. Buy a key of C Special 20 or Lee Oskar. These harps are well made and have plastic combs which seal much better than the wood comb Marine Band that you have. The Marine Band is a fine, classic harp but is MUCH harder to learn to play with. You can get both the S20 and the LO through this web site (there is a really good deal on S20s right now). Different keys also present different playing challenges. The "C" is a good starter harp because it is one of the eaiest keys to play. The low notes get harder to play on low key harps like a G and the high notes get harder to play on the high key harps like an F. C is in the middle so it kinda averages things out.

You might still have some trouble at first with your S20 or LO C harp but you should overcome it much more quickly. Also, you may think that you are breathing correctly now. In reality, it might take a few years before your really hone your breathing. However, you should get clean sound out of your new harp within a few weeks, depending on how much you practice.

Good luck and have fun!


: Some one please help it's really hard to get sound out of holes 2 and 3 blowing and drawing is this normal I am breathing right I THINK to what should I do I oh I am using a Marine Band!

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