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Posted by Mark Wilson on February 03, 2002 at 08:47:53:

In Reply to: Mark Wilson posted by Ray on February 03, 2002 at 07:22:19:

: What price range is a good price for that >effect pedal.

In the $150.00 range on ebay. If you buy retail they go for 200ish.

>What type of mic are you using?

I use a $29.00 mic I read about on harp-l. It's a lavelier made by Audio Technica. It's only about the size of your thumb nail which makes it real easy to get an air tight cup. I can also do hand effects with this mike no problem.

>I'm assuming your Kalamazoo is a Model 1 or 2. >I've been real curious how a harp would sound >through a Kalamazoo Bass30 or Bass50.

I have a model 1. I'm real happy with the sound of this rig (Kazoo amp, Lavalier mic, and Ibanez pedal) and it didn't cost a fortune. About $300.00 total.

It's funny, in all my reading on Kalamazoo amps I never heard anyone mention a bass30 or 50 for harp. My gut tell me it would be a sweet marriage. Any idea how much they are selling for?


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