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Posted by Jimmy on February 02, 2002 at 08:46:49:

In Reply to: Which Book/Instructor? posted by Rob on February 01, 2002 at 20:44:45:

BTW, I was a long time guitar player and anything by Mel Bay is dry and assumes you can read music.(Which is what Dave barrett's stuff is published under.) I don't care for them. Nor piano type compilations. If you live in a big town go a BIG music store I mean a wholesaler who specializes in instruction books. That way you can read all of them before you buy. The one in Philly is theodore presser. S!

: I don't think the Dave barrett books are that user friendly either. You need a CD to HEAR stuff,tabs & notes just don't get it. The Gindik book is a good start. Better than Tony Glover stuff I had. (Was the 1st book on harp playing 1965) I bought it at a yard sale 5 years ago.

Steve Baker as an interactive CD instrution book. I liked Mark Hummel's Harmonica party Video. Go to Kevin's they have some books. (I am not affliated with them)

I'm torn between buying two instructional materials: Rock-n-Blues by Gindick, which is praised heavily, and a book/video package by David Barrett, which I haven't yet heard any critiques of.

: So, I'm curious, has anyone heard of David Barrett and/or used his material? How would you critique it, and would you buy it in place of Gindick's book?

: Rob

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