Gindick on Draw 2

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Posted by Jezzmund on January 26, 2002 at 16:12:04:

First of all, major props to John Gindick's "Rock 'N Blues Harmonica" book and CD. My playing has reached levels I thought I might never reach in just a few weeks (since Christmas). I can't recommend it highly enough.
His instruction contradicts lessons on this site in several areas, but perhaps most significantly on the low draw notes. Gindick insists that on draw 2 and 3 that the airflow must be directed toward the roof of the mouth. "Gently, very gently draw a controlled stream of air to the roof of the mouth." These are his words to describe how to get draw 2. It works!!!!!
Kind of pisses me off how much time I spent trying to get a decent draw 2 (especially on my G) by keeping my airflow parallel to the reed, as suggested here (in fact it's today's tip of the day).
Another Gindick gem... to bend, say "eeeeerrrrrrrr"
Blow your brains out,

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