Another N E W page!- "Recommended Harmonicas For Our Instruction"

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Posted by Webmaster- Harmonica on January 05, 2002 at 02:41:39:

We just added another new page to the site. Use the link below.

"If you are not sure if your model and brand of harmonica is suitable for the instruction at this site, take a look at the lists below. It's preferable that the diatonic harmonica you use be in the key of "C", especially if you are just starting out. Other keys of diatonics will work with the instruction and songs, but most of the theory and explanations are based on a standard key of "C" diatonic.

"The harmonicas in the "Acceptable, But Not As Preferred" column will work for the instruction here, but it is to your advantage to upgrade to a better quality and/or plastic comb diatonic if you are even somewhat serious (less airleak makes it easier to bend notes among other things)..."

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