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Posted by sai on December 25, 2001 at 04:15:46:

i've got this harmonic, a hohner chromatic 12 hole harmonica. I don't know much about harmonicas, i don't even know which key it's in cause i'm not the one who bought it, it's new but to me it feels as if somethings wrong with it, but i'm just a beginner , so it might just be perfectly normal.
the things i thought were wrong were that the lowest 2 and highest two were more difficult to play than the ones in the middle, if i blew to hard it felt as if it was blocked and wouldn't sounds normal (the sound would dull and lower)
Another thing i noticed is that holes 4 and 5 sound the same, aswell as hole 8 and 9.
The last thing i noticed was that the lowest hole kind of crackles or buzzes when i finish blowing, but only when i stop playing (but it's not noticable when i play with my lips on the holes, only when i blow into it from a small distance)
I really want to have a good start, so i hope i can get some help here

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