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Posted by Ron on December 20, 2001 at 05:52:58:

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Hi there,

I know that this questions is for Bluz but I think that I can offer some help. Fender made "Silver Face" Champs from 1968 - 1982. They call it a Silver Face because there is a silver face behind the knobs. Previous to this they made a "Black Face" version (black face behind knobs). The circuitry in both are identical. They are ALL tube including the rectifier. Lots of modern "tube" amps use solid state rectifyers partly because rectifyer tubes are getting rare and expensive. Another VERY cool part of the ciruits in these beasts is that they are point-to-point wired. This means that wires (rather than a printed circuit boards) actually connect the various electronic components inside the amp. Some people beleive that solid state rectifyers and pc boards cannot produce the sound that tube rectifyers and p-t-p wiring can. Also, with point to point wiring it is fairly easy to make repairs modifications - although you may want to be careful how you modify your vintage tube amp.

The bottom line is that these are great little amps. I own a Blackface. As far as your question on price goes, it depends on a couple of things. These amps come in two versions. One has virato and the other does not (VibroChamp vs. Champ) Vibro champs cost a little more because the are more desirable by guitar players. Harp players don't need vibrato - I have a plain Champ. I paid $200 for mine and it is worth every penny. It was in really good ORIGINAL shape with the original speaker. If you can get a Champ in good shape for $225 you cannot go wrong. You would probably have to fork out about $275 for a vibro version. Whatever you pay above this is up to you. If you really like it feel free to spend more.

There is a guy in my town who has a vintage guitar shop. He says that he sees very old Fender amps all the time and they really seem to hold up very well with time. They also get really valuable.

I hope this helps. Have fun!!!


: I've found a 1973 Fender Champ and i was wondering if these amps were "all" tube? Also, any idea how much I should pay for it?

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