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Posted by Taco on December 17, 2001 at 20:49:22:

In Reply to: mic question posted by johnnyhouser on December 17, 2001 at 10:08:39:

: I have the shure green bullet and was wondering is it best to hold the harp right against the mic or a little away? also any tips of creating an air tight pocket between harp and mic?

It depends on the tone you're going for. Holding it up closer to the harp will get you a clearer harp sound, whereas giving it some distance will seal it off a bit more (with practice) and allow you to produce a more muted and "moaning" tone. Practice while listening to the differences in how you hold your mic and when you find something you like, look your hands over good and make note of what you're doing.
As to getting a good seal, I practice that by using just the harp and a mic (not plugged in) and play and notice how much air resistance I have. Sometimes you want a LOT, and sometimes you won't. I think of my hand position like a baby trying to eat something they shouldn't and hiding it (weird, huh?). Pay attention to what the web between your thumb and forefinger are doing around the ends of the harp and watch for space around your pinky.

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